Land Rover updates Freelander 2 for 2011

Land Rover is upgrading the 2011 Freelander 2 with a new 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine, sharper exterior looks and a smarter cabin.

Both quieter and more refined than its predecessor, the new 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine is available with either 110kW as the TD4 model or 140kW as the SD4. In both derivatives, the engine offers an impressive 420Nm of torque (20Nm more than the outgoing models) yet sacrifices nothing in terms of fuel economy or CO2 emissions.

The TD4 is available with an updated manual transmission with Stop/Start as standard, while the 140kW SD4 is available with the six-speed automatic only.

Exterior design changes including new front bumper and grille, new alloy wheels and colour options, give the 2011 Freelander a fresh and distinctive look. Inside, a new range of seat styles finishes and instrumentation set the 2011 Freelander aside from previous models. Another small but significant change is to the Land Rover logo, which changes colour for 2011 from gold on green to a more contemporary bright silver on green.

New diesel 110kW TD4 and 140kW SD4 in detail

The successful 110kW direct injection turbo diesel has been upgraded in two forms, 110kW available on the TD4, and 140kW available on the SD4. Both produce 20Nm more torque taking both versions to a substantial 420Nm for punchy, refined performance.

Both versions have a new variable geometry turbocharger and are re-calibrated from scratch to deliver the new levels of power. The use of an Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS) provides ‘smart charging’ of the battery by recovering kinetic energy when the vehicle is slowing wherever possible, rather than consuming fuel by charging when the vehicle is accelerating.

Developed especially for this engine, the new variable geometry turbocharger is now water-cooled enabling it to run at a higher temperature thus enabling lower levels of emissions, power and torque. The engine has also been fitted with a new, more powerful ECU to handle the increased emissions requirements. The engine is fitted with a common rail system with fuel delivered by high-speed piezo injectors.


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